Quick Admin Recipes

Admin Privileges Needed

You must have admin privileges for this feature.

For in depth explanations please refer to the admin section of this documentation.

Create a new User

  1. In the administration panel select Users in the sidebar.

  2. Click Create new User on the bottom of the user list.

  3. Fill out the form.

    • The new user will receive an email asking for confirmation of the email address.

    • You can leave the password field empty to generate a random password for the user. This password is then send to the user with a request to change it immediately.

      If you fill out the password field you must inform the user about their password personally as it is not send to them by MergeBoard.

  4. Click Create User.

  5. Done 👍

Setup OAuth2 login for your users

Setting up an OAuth2 provider is a two step process. You first need to create a new provider entry in MergeBoard to obtain the redirect url required by the provider. Afterwards you register a new application with your OAuth2 provider, to obtain the credentials required by MergeBoard.

  1. In the administration panel select OAuth2 in the sidebar.

  2. Click Add on the bottom of the list.

  3. Choose a provider type and name. The name is important as you can have multiple OAuth2 login handlers of the same provider type. Currently supported provider types include:

    • Google

    • GitHub (SaaS or self hosted)

    • GitLab (SaaS or self hosted)

  4. Click Next.

  5. Configure the OAuth2 provider and fill out the form.

    You should now see a form with a grayed out Redirect URL field that contains a URL. The next step is to register a new application at your OAuth2 provider with this URL. To do so, follow the corresponding steps:


    Follow the guide provided by GitHub and create an OAuth App.


    Follow the guide provided by GitLab and create an OAuth2 App with the scopes openid, profile and email. You can also set the Confidential flag. All OAuth2 credentials are stored on the server and are never send to the client.

    1. Open https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials

    2. Click on Create Credentials and select OAuth Client ID from the dropdown list

    3. Select Web Application as Application Type

    4. Choose a name for the application, e.g. MergeBoard

    5. Add the Redirect URL provided by MergeBoard as Authorized Redirect URLs

    6. Click Create

    Fill out the remaining fields. Some of the required values, like the client id and client secret, are provided by the OAuth provider.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Done 👍