Quick User Guides

Go to https://www.mergeboard.com and login.

Add a Project

1 Projects

Click the Projects button in the top navigation bar.

2 Import Project

Click the import button below the list of your projects.

2.1 GitLab Project

If you have a GitLab project choose the GitLab project option,

2.2 Git Project

otherwise, e.g. if you have a GitHub project or something else, choose the git project option

and follow the described steps. For more information check out our Project Import Guide.

3 Done! 👍

Open a Merge Request

Developer Privileges Needed

You must be at least developer to use this feature.

1 dashboard

Click the MergeBoard icon in the top left to make sure you are on the dashboard.

2 hover project

Hover the project you want to open the Merge Request in

3 click plus

Click the plus that appears at its right hand side

4 title and description
  • Choose your branch.

  • Set a title and description.

  • Optionally add a reviewer.

  • If you have an issue-tracker set up, you can also reference an issue. As you can do this later too do not hesitate to leave this field empty.

5 add merge request button

Click the add merge request button.

6 Done! 👍

Adding a user to a project

Maintainer Privileges Needed

You must be at least maintainer to use this feature.

  1. Select the project you want to add a user to, either from the dashboard or from the projects list.

  2. Select Members on the sidebar.

  3. Enter the name of the user or a group they belong to in the field User / Group.

  4. Choose a Role for the user or group. Read more on user roles here.

  5. Click Update.

  6. Done! 👍