How to open a Merge Request

Developer Privileges Needed

You must be at least developer to use this feature.

There are two locations from which you can open a merge request:

Option 1: Dashboard

On the dashboard hover the project for which you want to add a merge request.

hover project

The indicator for the number of open merge requests should now change to a plus button. Click it to enter the merge request open dialogue.

Option 2: Merge Request List

Open the list of merge requests for your project and scroll down to the bottom and click the Add Merge Request button.

Now you see the dialogue that lets you open an new merge request. There are several fields to fill out:

Source Branch

The feature branch containing the changes you want to merge into the Target Branch.

Target Branch

The git branch you want to merge into. This would usually be the master or development branch in a project.


A short description of the merge request. Once you choose a source branch, this field gets filled automatically with the latest commit message. You can still edit it.


Here you can provide information about your merge request, describe the purpose of it, provide links to documentation, etc.


(Optional) Enter all reviewers you want to assign to this merge request. By starting to type their names, you will be presented with all available users of a similar name. Choose one of those users and continue.


(Optional) Reference any issue in any of the issue trackers. Simply start typing the issue id or title and choose the issue you want to reference from the list of proposed issues.


You should add at least one assignee. Otherwise MergeBoard doesn’t know who to notify about your merge request.