An example commits view of a merge request based on commit 15a46bc0 from the open source project GORM (license: MIT).

The commits view allows you to skip through each commit and view the changes that were introduced. It is very similar to the Changes view. Many of the elements presented here are discussed in more detail in Code Review and Diffs.



Identifiers for specific areas of the example merge request commits view above.

2 Toolbar

You can interact with the shown diff using three tools. To activate them click the respective icon.

Default Mouse Behaviour

Allows you to select and copy text.


Click and drag across lines you want to highlight. Highlights can span multiple lines. You can also highlight multiple separate lines across several files. Highlights are associated with the next comment you add. If you leave the page without adding a comment, your selection will be lost. MergeBoard maps highlights associated with comments across commits and revisions. You can remove a highlight as long as you have not commented on it by right clicking and dragging across the respective area.

LGTM Marker

Click and drag across lines you want to mark as reviewed and looking good. This marker helps you to keep track of code areas you have already reviewed and is not visible to other users. Should a marked line change between revisions, the mark will be removed. You can remove the marker again by using your right mouse button.

3 Commit Description

Each commit is accompanied by its respective commit author, creation time and message. Additionally MergeBoard shows you an indicator if the CI passed for the current commit right next to the author name. A green check-mark shows that the CI passed, a red cross that it failed.

You can navigate between commits using the controls at the top right of the description box. The left and right arrows take you to the previous and next commit respectively. Clicking on the commit hash in the middle opens a dropdown menu where you can directly select the commit to display.

4 Minimap

Another handy tool is the minimap, which lets you quickly navigate the diff by clicking it where you want to go. A white overlay always shows you what part of the diff you are currently seeing.

5 Diff

The main body of this view is the diff, i.e. a visualization of all changes introduced in the current commit.

Each file is shown as a separate block with its name or path in the top header. You can collapse files by clicking this header. Large files are collapsed by default. To view not only the changes but the entire file, click the View button in the file header. To get more context around changes, hover with the mouse in the vicinity of the change until you see the show more button and click it.

Please take a look at Diffs to learn more how MergeBoard displays changes and how to interpret them.